An Intellectually Challenged Society

We’re addicted. Social Media, TV, radio, the internet. Technology gives us a media overload. With so much access, why are we so intellectually challenged?

On Facebook we (well not me but maybe you) share those “if you love Jesus you’ll share this” or “97% of my friends won’t repost this”. From cancer to burning in hell if you don’t do something, what is it that we have to prove? Will my friends or family not know I too was touched by cancer though loosing family and friends or that I love Jesus if I don’t click “life” or “share”? How superficial are our relationships?

Seriously. For example, you post that super witty, super emo, or even super spiritual status and what happens? You check to see who comments or likes it and when no one does a certain form of socio-mediated depression sets. Seriously. Put Facebook, Twitter et al aside. Physically go out and fellowship with other Christians.

Oh wait. What about intellectually challenged? During my digressive…who can even ad (or spell) without pulling out a calculator these days? We have the inability to make informed decisions because we take what others say at value. Plus if it is posted on Facebook it must be true. So seriously, physically go out and fellowship with other Christians. Love people without respect to yourself or others. Be no respecter of persons. Challenge your mind and what others say to the Word.

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