Time and money: the Great Church Trap

Time and money always scheduled around personal desires is contrary to Christian living. I.e. greed. Who teaches that in church anymore? If it were taught and lived out, the body would probably be hurting just a little less.

We want to blame government and others for our problems but this past election was a prime example of how out of wack our priorities are. For example, Billy Graham and his organization would rather sacrifice Truth for an election rather than stick by principle. While Romney may have been a better person of peace for Christianity (a possible argument), one cannot sacrifice Truth for personal gain. Where better could money and time have been spent for Kingdom purposes?

This of course is seen on an organizational level (but personal in the lives of those that exercise the purposes of that organization). Do we sometimes focus too much on certain issues that it becomes a personal focus rather than a God-centered focus? If so, love stops and we neglect those around us with a false sense of “doing good” or “honoring God”.

No matter who you are, whether a student working to get through college or some mega church pastor, we must prioritize our time and money toward others for Kingdom purposes and the sake of loving others. But, let it be known that this type of giving goes much further than tithes or attending/inviting someone to church.

Live a little today. Love someone. Go outside of your “busy” schedule and make a difference even if it seems to cause an inconvenience to you. In the end, this little inconvenience will become a great blessing.

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