The new age gospel of sensationalism within the church is killing our country not political parties


The new age gospel of sensationalism within the church is killing our country not political parties. For in it feelings are hyped, based upon emotion, and focus on self-gratification. Truth is ignored. We see Christians and Christian organizations defending current movies that have deep theological problems such as Noah (coming … Continue reading

Celebrate National Medal of Honor Day

National Medal of Honor Day. Photo:

Today, March 25 is National Medal of Honor Day. It was designated as March 25 by the United States Congress, because on this day in 1863, the first Medal(s) of Honor were presented to 6 Andrews’ Raiders. Since that time, close to 3500 medals have been award to U.S. service … Continue reading

Are Christians in the U.S. military told to forfeit First Amendment rights?

According to a Breitbart piece by Ken Klukowski: Christians in the U.S. military are being told they must forfeit their First Amendment rights. Bible verses are being erased from cadets’ personal dorm-room white boards, and military lawyers claim that legal protections for religion only pertain to matters such as clothing … Continue reading

Fire hydrant breaks suspending care into air


San Diego — It’s the type of thing you would only expect in a Hollywood movie. A fire hydrant broke after a ran over it in a traffic accident leaving a car’s rear suspended in the air because of the force of the water. According to a local NBC affiliate, … Continue reading

Sorting out the politics of religion

Mixing the Bible with anything and not having proper theology is to me just like politics. It’s messy business. Sometimes, I think ‘why go into detail about something when someone else does a good enough job of making you think’. The article is by David Rogers at SBC Voices. A … Continue reading

Air Force Academy erases cadet’s Bible verse from whiteboard but that’s ok

Yesterday, Fox News reported that the Air Force Academy erased a cadet’s Bible verse from his whiteboard, when it was found to have offended others. The verse from Galations read, “I have been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” According to the Military … Continue reading

Colorado profits $2 million for one month of pot sales


Think the legalization of pot isn’t motivated by money…i.e. the governments loss of money? Colorado made $2 million in taxes from a month’s worth of marijuana sales and expects $184 million in annual revenues. The state charges a 15% excise tax, 10% sales tax and 2.9% tax on marijuana used … Continue reading

A random digressive about relationships

Relationships (friendship, dating, marriage) not centered on Christ aren’t a matter of when these will fail — these have failed. Guilty as charged. But, today isn’t about yesterday or tomorrow. It’s about now. Change can start now. It means humbleness, separation, vulnerability, sacrifice, but most importantly movement toward change…change centered … Continue reading